Nakivale refugee camp is a settlement in South Western Uganda, already founded in 1962. It has a population of about 70.000 people. The challenges lie within the diversity of the population with refugees form Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea.

Though refugees are given land to cultivate and the right to work, poverty and unemployment are high. Weekly arrivals from Eastern Congo are registered. Unless the camp is peaceful, irregular distribution of food can lead to tensions. Alcoholism, rape, domestic violence and the increase of HIV/Aids are problems in the camp as they are throughout Uganda.

Nevertheless young people do whatever it takes to win themselves a future in a transitory place that had to become their home. While some are active in churches, others founded hip hop combos and try to get attention through performing.

Training adds a structure to everyday life, time is abundant. Many dream of a career and have American musicians as their heroes. They believe in themselves and that they can make it no matter where they come from.